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Anchorage, Alaska: Hiking the Flattop Mountain

After a feast of barbeque pork and chicken, grilled salmon belly and seafood, we decided to go for a walk.  As I stepped on the trail, I was captivated by a serene landscape. Streaks of light passed through the bare branches of birch and spruce trees and streamed down onto a carpet of lush green moss. In the distance, the snow-capped mountains melded into the horizon. Birds shrieked from the bare branches of trees; a bird called from a treetop like a nature ticking clock. Shortly after walking, we spotted a moose. I had a mixed feeling of excitement at seeing one of the shy creatures, and at the same time, I was afraid of the possibility of being attacked by it. We stopped occasionally to admire the crystal-clear water from a gurgling river.  My sister scooped up the water with her hands and pretended to drink.  And like an ethereal muse rising from the water, she tossed the water into the air. The following day, I decided to up the ante and hike the Flattop Mountain

Anchorage, Alaska: Into the Wild

Shortly after pulling off the Seward Highway, we spotted a strange-looking beast with big horns, and seemingly covered in a heavy dark brown fur coat made of twisted hair. It looked like a cross between a bison and a buffalo. We got out of the car and walked to see the animal up-close. It was a Musk Ox. Two more with long whooshing ropey strips of hair hanging to the ground joined in to greet us. As I mentioned in my post about our road trip to Seward, I surprised my relatives when I made a sharp right turn to visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) - a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through conservation and quality animal care. Earlier that day I watched the Anchorage Visitor Channel that mainly discussed the Wood Bison restoration project.  According to the Anchorage Visitor Channel, the AWCC takes in injured and orphaned animals year-round and provides spacious enclosures and quality animal care.  After rehabilitation, th

Road Trip: Seward Highway

I went to Anchorage to attend a relative's graduation ceremony, so I went without an itinerary. But earlier that day, I watched the Anchorage Visitor Channel and took notes of places I wanted to see and do during my visit.  One of the recommendations was to drive the Seward Highway and experience one of the world's best drives. We were having lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant when I announced to my relatives the plan of the day. For some reason, ‘Turnigan Pass’ was stuck in my mind. I kept saying ‘Turnigan” and did not realize I was mispronouncing the word until the Waitress overheard our conversation. She was so polite though and did not correct me. Instead, she offered a little bit of history as to how ‘Turnagain Pass” got its name. She said that 'Turnagain' was literally taken from what Captain Cook told his party when they explored the area. In trying to find a Northwest Passage, they first went up the northernmost arms, but found only a river. They th

Full Moon Tour to Point Bonita Lighthouse: Strawberry Moon

It rises from the east against the setting sun Slowly sits against the sky’s purple walls. Its glowing light glorifies all things plain and simple the cabbage flower the black sand the cliffs and   basalt rock resting on its pillow. The spirits walk forth from Alcatraz rock-walled cell lost and bewildered. The San Francisco Bay so calm tonight no howling of the winds just the gentle waves casting crystalline spray under the moonlight. The harbor seals and otters the pelicans and cormorants all asleep. Point Bonita Lighthouse pregnant with romance under the full moon.  PHOTO GALLERY #1. Full Moon Rising #2. Sun Setting #3. The Cabbage Flower and the Full Moon #4. The full moon sitting against the sky's dark walls #5. Glowing light casting crystalline spray #6. Point Bonita Lighthouse pregnant with romance #7. Illuminating a beautiful city Point Bonita Lighthouse is located at Mar