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Australia: An Epic Road-trip, Part 4

 Part 4: The Great Ocean Road In as much as I enjoyed the beach, our walks and short hikes, and the landscape in the Mornington Peninsula, I couldn't have been more excited to finally get to the next part of our road-trip: Driving the Great Ocean Road . I have not heard of the Mornington Peninsula before this road-trip, but I heard so many great things about driving the Great Ocean Road from fellow bloggers and travelers that I added it on to my bucket list. The Great Ocean Road Drive is one of the most scenic drives in the world. It features the Port Campbell National Park, the home of the Twelve Apostles, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia if not the world.  The drive from Mornington Peninsula to our accommodation in Port Campbell National Park could have taken us four hours if we had followed the horseshoe-shape route on the map. But we did not drive directly to Port Campbell or stop in Melbourne. Instead, we took a little excursion to Dandenong, a suburb

Australia: An Epic Road-trip, Part 3

Part 3: The Mornington Peninsula We continued with a scenic drive that took us along mountain passes, eucalyptus forest and misty mountains. We were greeted by a gentle rain as we crossed the border to Victoria. Then the weather got increasingly worse that it was hard to see the road. Three and a half hours later, we arrived in Metung. We missed our scheduled arrival at the hotel that after checking in, the only thing left to do was to have dinner. But most of the restaurants were closed. Luckily, we found an Indonesian/Mediterranean restaurant not far from our hotel. Oddly enough, it was still light after dinner, so we were able to catch the setting sun and take pictures of the sunset and its reflection on the water. When I woke up the next morning, R had already done his morning walk. He brought us coffee and scones that he got from the farmer's market across the street. It was the best scone I have ever had. We all went back to the farmer's market to get more scones, jam and

Australia: An Epic Road-trip, Part 2

Part 2 - Exploring the Sapphire Coast From Wollongong, we headed to the Sapphire Coast via the coastal road, Princess Highway. The plan was to stop at famous sites and for R to drive for 4 hours max a day and spend the rest of the day exploring or on outdoor activities like hiking. Doing the road in a linear fashion felt as if we were really on a road-trip. Our car was packed with huge suitcases for a month worth of clothes, groceries and water. The drive on the coastal road was incredible. Princess Highway was sandwiched between the coast and the mountains, the scenery was amazing. I saw a few kangaroo and wallaby carcasses along the road. R warned me to keep my eyes peeled for a kangaroo or kangaroos crossing the road. They usually come out before sunset, stop, jump, cross and stop and get ran over by motorists. After two hours, we arrived at Milton, a town known for historic buildings which could be seen from the highway, for example, the Heritage Bakery Shop - Milton 1870.  We stop