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Big Sur, California: Art in Nature

"Pink and Blue" Pink Belladonna lilies in the embracing bosom of nature’s retaining wall, Content in the company of the blue water pool. Waves shuffling the rocks below   forming a spiraling mist caressing the petals like the skin of a lover They belong in their own magical little world, A world without rain! McWay Falls @Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park photo and poem by Alice Odena **********************************************************   “Emerald” Waiting beside the sea Across the waterfall A wavering mist lifting its lacy veil, Sagebrush dots the rocky slope. The evergreen extends its arms to the Ficus and the Sycamore forming a harmonious green. On the beach below the waves run through foaming streams Gathering seaweeds and kelp creating a poetic symphony   of a strangely soothing emerald, inviting, bewildering me  with beauty. McWay Falls @Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Photo and poem by Alice Oden

Big Sur, California: "River"

Seen through the current a kaleidoscope of colors flow together in the golden light. The river turns purple as the tiny rocks cast a shadow to the dancing sand.   The creak of the towering trees, the invisible chorus of the sparrows and the burble of the water a harmonious symphony of peace. A patch of blue flowers  and orange nasturtium spill down to the river Next to the ferns, the red and blackberry bushes seduce the bees and the humming birds. Oh river, your poignant wonders enfold a peaceful, enchanting harmonious summer landscape But I’m still longing for rain! NOTE:   From the Art in Nature Series Photos and poem by Alice Odena Copyright 2014

Big Sur, California: Hiking

After taking photos and enjoying the views of the popular McWay Waterfalls and the seaside, it was time for serious hiking. We head back towards the tunnel under CA-Highway 1 and continued to the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park parking lot. I moved my car to the other side of the bridge and parked close to the picnic tables where we stopped to eat lunch of pita bread, hummus and fruits. With renewed energy and refreshed with plenty of water, we were off. We followed the path right along the creek with big rocks and boulders (It was probably a river at one point, but now I noticed the effect of the drought in the low water level and slow river flow). We continued to walk the trail along the creek. It was quite pretty. My hiking companions crossed the shallow creek, and scrambled on the rocks to avoid getting wet. I, on the other hand, tried to show off my skill (acquired from practicing yoga) on the log bridge and crossed the river by skipping through boulders. Shortly after