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Big Sur, California: Art in Nature

"Pink and Blue"
Pink Belladonna lilies in the embracing bosom
of nature’s retaining wall,
Content in the company
of the blue water pool.
Waves shuffling the rocks below
  forming a spiraling mist caressing the petals
like the skin of a lover
They belong in their own magical little world,
A world without rain!

Big Sur, California: "River"

Seen through the current a kaleidoscope of colors flow together in the golden light.
The river turns purple as the tiny rocks cast a shadow to the dancing sand.

The creak of the towering trees, the invisible chorus of the sparrows and the burble of the water a harmonious symphony of peace.
A patch of blue flowers  and orange nasturtium spill down to the river Next to the ferns, the red and blackberry bushes seduce the bees and the humming birds.
Oh river, your poignant wonders enfold a peaceful, enchanting harmonious summer landscape But I’m still longing for rain!

From the Art in Nature Series Photos and poem by Alice Odena Copyright 2014

Big Sur, California: Hiking