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Island Hopping: Cabo Verde

Discovering the Soul of Cabo Verde   Nestled in the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean lies the enchanting island nation of Cabo Verde, a place where the rhythm of life is set to the beat of the waves and the melodies of its people. It was here, amidst the rugged coastlines and quaint fishing villages, that I embarked on a journey to explore the vibrant culture and natural beauty of this hidden gem in Africa. My adventure began on São Vicente Island, where the city of Mindelo beckoned with its colorful streets and lively atmosphere. As a fan of Cesaria Evora, the legendary singer known as the "Barefoot Diva," I was eager to pay homage to her legacy. My first stop was the mural dedicated to her, where her image graced the walls of a bustling street corner, a testament to her enduring influence on the culture of Cabo Verde. It was a moment of reverence for a woman whose voice had captured the hearts of millions around the world. But my journey didn't end there. I yearned to

West Africa Series: Senegal

A Kaleidoscopic Journey Through Dakar As I set foot in Dakar, Senegal’s vibrant capital, I found myself immersed in a city that effortlessly marries modernity with the charm of its colonial past. The journey began at the train station, where the French-influenced architecture unfolded, setting the tone for a delightful exploration. Wandering through Independence Square, I was captivated by the juxtaposition of modern commercial buildings and colonial structures that seemed frozen in time. The Presidential Palace, standing proudly since 1906, exuded colonial elegance, its facade guarded by the iconic Spahi in their distinctive red-and-blue uniforms, a symbol of Senegal’s rich history. In a predominantly Muslim country, the presence of the Our Lady of Victories Cathedral added an intriguing layer. Its French-inspired architecture, adorned with a captivating fresco and African artworks, stood as a testament to religious coexistence. Venturing beyond the city center revealed a striking dic