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Lake Tahoe: In the Absence of Blue, A Perfect Sunset

I got myself mildly lost on a walk amid ancient pine trees, almost suffered frostbite traversing the Tahoe Rim Trail, survived a skiing accident at Heavenly Valley, and experienced a horrific auto accident on the summit of Highway 50, my car and family saved by the packed of snow on the side of the road from plummeting into the abyss. Despite these scary stories, I have not totally given up on going to Lake Tahoe; I just make sure to leave the driving to someone else in the winter.

Dubbed as “Lake Tahoe Blue”, Lake Tahoe is literally the true blue gem shared by California and Nevada. The lake is deep, blue and alpine pure. Surrounded by the High Sierra mountains, it offers great outdoors activities all year round - world-class ski resorts in the winter, and all types of water sporting activities and great hiking trails in the summer.

Summer in Lake Tahoe is another story for me. It has always been filled with joy. The lake itself is the main reason why I make my annual trip to t…

San Francisco: Baghdad by the Bay

“If I do go to heaven, I’m going to do what every San Franciscan does who goes to heaven. He looks around and says,'It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco.”– Herb Caen Thenews about the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge closurethis Labor Day weekend, to taketheoriginal East Span out of serviceand to openthenew East Span to traffic, brought about a lot of nostalgiaandadded to an alreadyveryemotionalweek.

My sisterand I foundoldnewspapers, “The San Francisco Chronicle” and “The Examiner” datingback to the 1940’s whilesorting out ourdeceasedloved one’s stuff.   Reading Herb Caen's columnreminded me of my mother. Herb Caen was a San Francisco Chronicle columnistwhocoinedtheterm “Baghdad by the Bay” to reflect San Francisco's exotic multiculturalism.

Perhapsreading Herb Caen’s columneveryday, helped mom adapt to her newhome. Shebecame an avidfan of the 49ers andthe Giants. My motherwas a verygoodcook, butthe outcome of the 49ers orthe Giants game, usuallydeterminedthetype o…

The Last Iceberg: The Ultimate Travel Photography

As an intrepidtraveler, I havebeen a bigfan of Camille Seaman'swork. Camille Seaman is a 2013 TED Senior Fellow and Stanford Knight Fellow famousfor photographing icebergsandclouds. About a monthago, I revisited Camille’s project, "The Last Iceberg: Melting Away" hoping to drawinspirationfor my trip to Patagonia in November. Unbeknown to me that one piece of art would trigger suchan emotionalconnection with me andgive solace in my grief two weekslater. Whilekeepingvigil at my mother’s bedside, I could not gettheimage out of my mind. Asiftheimageweretelling me thatallthingsmove toward their endandthatwe are justanotherfacet of thenaturalwhole, we are allpart of theearth, andtheearth is part of us. It was okay to letgo.  I wrotethispoem about thelasticebergprior to my mother passing and would like to dedicateit to her.

Ballooning Over the Napa Valley (Not)