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Rockin' the Kasbah, Part 1: Kasbah Des Oudaias, Rabat

I just returned from a visit to Morocco and I can say that Morocco is one of the most exciting and colorful places you could possibly want to visit.I would like to paint a picture for you, but my words could not possibly do justice to this colorful country that has a lot of history and amazing culture.So let me just describe the places I saw through photo essays.

PART 1:   Kasbah Des Oudaias, Rabat
As tourists, we were able to enter the Royal Palace ground and some of the historical places in Rabat, the administrative and capital of Morocco. Seeing the ocher-colored gates and walled fortresses, one could easily see that Rabat is an old and colorful city, but nothing surprised me more as we entered the gate of Kasbah Des Oudaias.

 Kasbah des Oudaias
The Kasbah des Oudaias is a picturesque place with houses and streets that are in the shades of ocher, white and blue.According to our guide, foreign-born artists took residences here and painted their houses in white and bright blue.Being …