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Venice, Italy: A Rainy Night in Venice

I had forgotten just what a beautiful place Venice was.   I have been to Venice three times.   The first time I came here was when I was a young student and we focused more on seeing the artwork at the Basilica of St. Marks or the whole basilica as an art piece.   The second time I came here was when I was on a whirlwind tour in Europe.   I remember our guide taking us for a gondola ride, then a regular boat rides to take us to the restaurant and a show as part of the package tour. Our boat navigated through the narrow canals to get to the restaurant.   The whole place looked sad to me.  I felt sad seeing the dark, empty buildings and thought that Venice was really sinking. Last fall I visited Venice again, I was surprised to see how lively the town had become.   Considering that it was the end of the tourist season, it seemed that the town got more than its fair share of tourists and boat traffic (from the big cruise ships, I guessed).   I met another photo enthusiast and we