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Ha Long Bay: The Mythical Bay of Dragons

Halong Bay is an essential destination to all who venture to Vietnam. It is a mysterious body of water on the edge of the Gulf of Tolkin, studded with more than 2,000 Karst mountains stretching more than 100 miles, and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Although joining a kayaking trip to the maze of jagged isles was highly recommended, as a photo enthusiast, I was just happy to take the boat excursion to see the scenery. My expectations were quite high after hearing other travelers raved about the scenery and having seen Halong Bay featured in movies. It was beautiful indeed. For a moment, I forgot that Halong Bay was a popular tourist destination for our boat seemed to be the only one floating in the bay. Then our guide announced that we had set off from an alternate boating route to avoid other boat excursions and cruises. An amazing layered scene was set out before me, with rock formations rising out of the emerald water, and in the distance just behind the karst m