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Myanmar: The Land of A Thousand Temples and Beautiful Sunsets

The Land of A Thousand Temples and Beautiful Sunsets One of the most compelling travel photos I had seen from a page of a travel magazine was a photo of  hot air balloons over a hundred temples, and over the hazy horizon and mist lifting from the ruins as the sun rises.  That photo inspired me to travel to Myanmar (formerly Burma).  But due to the high cost of travel to Myanmar and the political unrest, my dream remained on my bucket list for a while. After debating whether it was 'responsible travel' to go despite the country's negative political news, I asked myself "If not now, then when."  I finally decided to join nine other intrepid travelers on Discovery Tours. Although there are still places that are out of bounds for foreigners, our itinerary followed the main tourist route.  I want to share some photos of the incredible sights along the way. Yangon Our journey began in Yangon, where we visited some museums, the Bogyoke Aung San Museum, and did