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Travels of a Lifetime VBlog Series: Machu Picchu

Series #6: Machu Picchu, A Mysterious LandscapeWe flew into Cusco, and from there, we traveled by car through the region’s famous mountain: the Andes. Shrouded by clouds, the snow-capped mountains disappeared and reappeared before our eyes. We stopped to admire the beauty of the ‘Sacred Valley of the Incas’, our first stop, before the next town to catch the train to Machu Picchu. Earlier that day, I suffered some discomfort from the high altitude that I was prompted to ask our guide if there was another route to Machu Picchu. But after being treated to a grand vista overlooking the Sacred Valley, the train ride and the exhilarating bus ride of a hairpin turn after hairpin turn between granite rocks and the mighty green mountains to reach Machu Picchu, I was reminded of the saying, “It’s not about the destination, but the journey”.

However, Machu Picchu was certainly a destination – the Inca’s idea of heaven. Nothing could have prepared me for the sight as we reached the “PARK”. Our gu…

Montevideo, Uruguay: Where's the Beef


Travels of a Lifetime VBlog Series: Southern Patagonia, Chile

Series #5: Torres Del Paine National Park, Southern Patagonia
I caught my first glimpse of the distinct peaks (Torres) from Lake Sarmiento, an interesting lake that looked as if it had a ring around it. Leading up to Lake Sarmiento, we passed the Deciduous Magellan Forest with poplar and conifer trees but mostly dominated by Lenga trees. Then on to Patagonian plains and plateau covered in pampas and walled by rocky hills: a landscape said to be lower than sea level and created by glacial movement. And of course, the famous symbol of anything Patagonia, the horn-shaped towers (the jagged mountain peaks) dominated the horizon and could be seen from all directions. With the changeable weather, the snow-capped mountains suddenly appeared with glorious blue light or buried under a shroud of dense, gray clouds. The sky was vast and dominating. Milky aqua waters of Rio Paine and lakes were part of the surreal landscape. While I expected to see glaciers near the mountain, I was surprised to se…

Travels of a Lifetime, VBlog Series: Ballooning Over Cappadocia