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Maximizing Award Miles

Have you joined a frequent flyer program and signed up for those bonus points through a credit card issuer yet? Now let’s get started on accumulating award miles. Here’s what I mean when I say, “it’s time to start playing the game”. Go to the airline website directly when booking your flight for your next destination. For example, in searching for a flight from San Francisco to Madrid, the schedules will be displayed based on the criterion you picked: price or schedule. Compare each flight.  Then look for the “Total Award Miles” and use that as your basis for comparison. But it doesn’t mean you have to waste time or sacrifice comfort to maximize your award miles. So make sure that the following criteria are comparable.
Flight Time Number of Stops Travel Time PriceFare Class Code Aircraft The 'fare class' code can be used to determine if the ticket is upgradable. Each carrier assigns its own ‘fare class code’.  If a flight is operated by another carrier o…

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