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The Blue Mountains, NSW Australia

On a recent visit to the Blue Mountains, I saw that the cable car we rode in a decade ago had been retired and now on display like a museum piece. I also noticed that the gift shop and restaurants had been expanded and that we had to go through a long 'queuing' area to get to the ticket counter that it felt as if I was entering an amusement park.  Photo by L.O.M My first visit to the Blue Mountains was a decade ago on my first trip to Australia. I remember several things about that trip. My relatives from Australia and I seemed to be the only visitors there that day. We drove from Sydney and stopped at some park to grill slabs of meat and shrimp on the Barbie. We were surrounded by colorful birds: finches, sparrows, cockatoos. My little niece explained to me how the Blue Mountains got their name (from the blue haze that comes from the oil of the Eucalyptus trees covering the mountains). When we arrived at the park, we bought some tickets to ride the scenic skyway to the ot