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2016 Travel Memories

The Best of Travel 2016

I just wanted to share my travel highlights of the past 12 months (click on the thumbnail above). Spring time in Italy was great.  I stayed with my friend in Rome and took short trips with my friend to Southern part of Italy and Tuscany, and explored other parts of Italy on my own.  I spent a whole week in the Lombardi region and Milan and had a great cultural experience, exploring the place as an adult like going to the museums and the opera (La Scala) for the first time.

In late spring and summer, I went to the Baltic - Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany.  It was great to discover Baltic Germany and really enjoyed Copenhagen.  I had a mishap in Stockholm, Sweden.

In late summer I went on a seven-state tour exploring USA National Parks.  The year was capped off with a trip to Ireland in late autumn.  I was expecting the worst rain in Ireland in November, but the weather turned out to be perfect,  It only rained after a visit to the Cliffs of M…