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Opatija: A Tourist in Croatia, Part 1

An excursion to the Istrian Peninsula was supposed to be the highlight of our first day in Croatia,  but after a 13-hour flight to Venice and a long bus ride to Opatija, Croatia, our first stop, we overslept and woke up after 10:00am, so we missed the tour and the breakfast time at the hotel. We decided to walk around town to find a restaurant where we could get lunch. While walking the roadside, we ran into a couple from our tour bus, who told us about a promenade by the sea, but we continued to walk on the roadside to go to the town center.  The statue of Maiden with the seagull is a symbol of Opatija & entire Kvarner region. (I captured a live bird sitting on top of her head, it's not part of the statue) My travel companion and I had different expectations of this trip. I was just happy to see the beautiful mountain scenery on one side and the calm Adriatic sea on the other side with the beautiful clouds hanging over the mountains and the sea, and to c

Where in the world is Alice

I'm currently in Bosnia-Herzegovina eating ice cream. I'm here for less than an hour. Just a rest stop on our way to Dubrovnik. The view from the restaurant is beautiful, so I thought I'd send some postcards.