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Iceland, Part 1: The Ring Road

While the Aurora Borealis was the highlight of my trip to Iceland,  Iceland’s storybook geography and natural wonder were really worth the trip.  I saw glaciers, ice-capped volcanoes, lava fields, black sand beach, geysers, hot springs, and waterfalls. It was like middle earth. Another plus of Iceland for me was the ease of visiting. Many visitors come to Iceland and rent a car and drive around the one highway (Route 1) that runs around throughout the island. But I opted for an all-inclusive package tour because I wanted an expert guide who could show me the best area to see the Aurora. We started with a drive to Hella on a very clear day, we passed flat landscape with lava rocks sticking out. After hours, the lava rocks ended and started to grow green moss. The Ring Road The following morning, the weather had turned cold and gray as we traveled along the South Coast of Iceland to Vik village. Clouds hang over the horizon, but the drive was gorgeous as streaks of sunlight trie

Chasing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland

What a prelude to my Aurora Borealis hunting trip !!! In the middle of my flight from Seattle to Iceland, the captain spotted the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and announced that it could be viewed from the right side of the plane. Since I was seated on the left side, I rushed towards the right-side window by the exit door, but a few people were already in line taking pictures. I only had a quick glimpse before it disappeared. When I returned to my seat, I saw so much light outside, and I knew it was not coming from the plane. Then I saw shimmering curtains of light high up in the sky, coming from different directions. OMG Aurora Borealis! I tried to grab my big camera, but instead of wasting time trying to set it up, I decided to take a few snaps with my iPhone and just enjoy the Aurora in its full glory. Seeing it up close was really something special. I was like a kid on Christmas morning with the biggest smile on my face, looking through a foggy window and seeing Santa. I