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National Park Series 5: Grand Teton and Yellowstone


National Park Series 4: Golden Gate National Parks

My Best Kept Secret

When you go to San Francisco, don't just take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. Experience it! Drive to the Presidio. You have probably heard of Lombard Street, the most famous street in San Francisco, so drive west onto Lombard Street and enter the Presidio from there. You will see the sign at the gate, "Established 1776". The Presidio has more than 200 years of military history - from Spanish years, Mexican years and American years. You will immediately see brick buildings and on a clear day, the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. You will pass a cluster of brick buildings, where the Disneyland Museum is located. Skip the Disneyland Museum and find Lincoln Blvd.

There are many road constructions under the Marina Blvd highway as of this writing.Watch for signs of detour.Just make sure to stay on Lincoln Blvd towards Crissy Field.It is okay though to get lost in the Presidio.If you are lost, you would be lost in the Presidio forest.Park your car. …

National Park Series 3: Muir Woods, Northern California

A Walk in the Woods with Keats

The last time I visited Muir Woods, I hiked the Dipsea towards the summit and descended the equivalent of 680 steps to Stinson Beach. I also complained about not being able to take pictures with my phone camera. Click on the link for the story:

On a recent visit,  I wanted to  retrace my steps from that Dipsea hike, but few minutes after our ascent, I was gasping for breath.   I was not in shape, perhaps from months of continued traveling and not having a daily workout routine. When my lungs finally calmed I saw the place, literally and figuratively, in a new light. The hike became a meandering in the woods.  We took lots of pictures and completed a five-mile hike looping from Dipsea Trail to Ben Johnson Trail to Muir Woods visitor entrance.

National Park Series 2: Washington, DC and What Lies Beyond the Nation's Capital


National Park Series 1: Baltimore, Maryland

Discovering Baltimore’s inspiring history while looking for the best crab cakes in Maryland

I went behind the wheel and drove north from Annapolis to Baltimore looking to find Obrycki’s Crab House (described in the book, “1000 Places to See Before You Die” as the “Crab Town’s Gold Standard”) to taste the best crab cake in Maryland.When we arrived in Baltimore, the GPS would not return any directions, it could not find the restaurant. We found out later that the place had closed.
When I think of Baltimore, the Orioles and the M&T Baseball Stadium come to mind.However, Baltimore has a lot more to offer than baseball.Baltimore is full of monuments, museums, galleries dedicated to the country’s cultural heritage and history.For example, the Old Baltimore Shot Tower – a red brick tower, Lloyd Street Synagogue – the oldest synagogue in the country (circa 1845), Washington Monument, the Basilica of the Assumption, and the house of Edgar Allan Poe.Unfortunately, we did not have enough tim…