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When in Rome

On my previous visit to Rome, I was with a tour group and got separated with the group while visiting the Sistine Chapel, so I was rushed and not able to appreciate what we came for to see.   This time I’m staying at my high school friend’s apartment in the northern part of Rome so I’m able to experience the true exuberance of life in this Italian capital:   the swirling traffic, the metro, the new bus route caused by a road closure due to a sinkhole, the home-cooked meals, two-hour lunches and very late dinners. However, it does not mean that as a tourist you would not be able to enjoy and get the feel of the city.   You just have to plan your visit because Rome, with its extraordinary museums and millennia of history, can be overwhelming.     So, when my friend asked why I wanted to go to the Vatican museum again, my answer was because I was rushed the last time.   So let me start with the museums. MUSEUMS When in Rome expect to find the great masterpieces by Michel

Italy: Postcards from Lake Como and Bellagio

Lake Como is in Northern Italy Lombardi region and known for its upscale resort and century-old villas or famous celebrity villas.  Unless you own one of the villas, most people (a tourist like me) take the public boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Just wanted to share some of Lake Como and Bellagio picturesque views and breathtaking scenery.