My parents told me that I would travel the world because I was born with a mole on the sole of my foot. When I was a kid, nothing made me happier than to tag along with my mother or older siblings to go somewhere, anywhere. My father saw how fascinated I was by the ocean beach that he took my cousins and me to the beach every Sunday. When I was a teenager, my father once said, “You’re spending too much time at the beach; I should just buy you an island.” He was joking, of course. He could not possibly afford to buy an island. But the island (more like a motu) that my father talked about really did exist.

Looking back, my father was right. The ocean beach was a metaphor for travel and life for me. The movement of the waves, the expansive sea, and the world to discover fascinated me.  Although I love to travel and to write about it, my career took on a different path. I went into Business and Information Technology. 
After my first real job, I saved up a whole year salary for a grand European tour with my sister. We visited more than 10 countries and visited many museums, castles, and monuments.   Then it became a part of my working life to set aside part of my salary so I could afford to travel and vacation outside the US. I visited a few exotic beaches - from Bondi Beach in Australia to Costa Del Sol in Spain, the Caribbean, and to the exotic beaches of Tahiti. 

Things haven’t changed since then. I'm still fascinated by the movement of the waves and the most enthusiastic traveler I know. After being forced out of my IT job, I sold the house, put my belongings into storage, and set off, literally and figuratively, on a different path with what was in my bank account. I traveled extensively, and feverishly felt full of life and truly discovered the beauty of our world.


Thinking that I could combine my love of travel with my love of writing, I started this blog. I titled the blog “Green Caviar Travel Blog’ after my love for exotic food and my interest in ecotourism. I took the theme, “To share lessons learned, travel tips and thoughts as I fulfill my dreams of seeing all the places mentioned in the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die”, the book that inspired me. I thought I would continue to keep a count of all the places I had visited and about to visit. However, the rewards of travel are much more than seeing a place. Travel has expanded my horizon and has given me freedom. I have realized that traveling has woken me up in so many ways. It has confirmed my ignorance and expanded my sense of possibility. And those are the types of travel rewards that I hope I could impart. So I hope you find something here to inspire you to explore the world.

Please feel free to express your thoughts or make any comments. Thanks for your time and for stopping by.



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