Big Sur, California: Art in Nature

"Pink and Blue"

Pink Belladonna lilies
in the embracing bosom
of nature’s retaining wall,
Content in the company
of the blue water pool.
Waves shuffling the rocks below
  forming a spiraling mist
caressing the petals
like the skin of a lover
They belong
in their own magical little world,
A world without rain!

McWay Falls @Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
photo and poem by Alice Odena

Waiting beside the sea
Across the waterfall
A wavering mist lifting its lacy veil,
Sagebrush dots the rocky slope.
The evergreen extends its arms
to the Ficus and the Sycamore
forming a harmonious green.

On the beach below
the waves run through foaming streams
Gathering seaweeds and kelp
creating a poetic symphony  
of a strangely soothing emerald,
inviting, bewildering me
 with beauty.
McWay Falls @Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
Photo and poem by Alice Odena  
“Blue Reed”

High upon the hills
Waif-like, luxurious
Stands in royal dignity
  outlives the ferns and the violets.
Thirsty for rain
Grows a deathless beauty
Learns the rituals of vanity
Swings with the wind
Embraces the dawn of youth
Brightens the summer landscape
With hope and joy,
Breathes the air and prays for rain!
@Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park 
photo and poem by Alice Odena


From Art in Nature Series
The Meeting of Land and Sea
Photos and Poems 
Copyright 2014 by Alice Odena



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