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The Real Cost of Cruises

I've been consuming a lot of bad news to stay up-to-date on this pandemic and it has taken its toll on my mental health. Yet, in the midst of all the bad news, we see lots of motivational posts talking about taking this time to have faith, recharge, reset, and stay positive including a fake letter claiming to share Bill Gates’ thoughts on the coronavirus crisis. The so-called ‘open letter’ that was circulating on social media claimed to show that Bill Gates believes there is a ‘spiritual purpose behind everything that happens.” I know that there’s a lot of misinformation out there including the US president touting the mainstream media as fake news.  I just find it ironic that the real fake news like  John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” and cartoonish editorials like  “A Closer Look” by Seth Meyers open my eyes to the honest truth.  One take away for me is that this health crisis exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly like our dishonest leaders, weak health system, inequality in