Philippines: Exploring the Wonders of Central Visayas

Cebu: A Nature Lover's Paradise

My recent trip to Cebu, Philippines, was an unforgettable adventure filled with the incredible beauty of nature. From diving with sardines to swimming with whale sharks, each experience was a testament to the rich marine life and stunning landscapes that Cebu has to offer.

Moalboal: A Diver's and Snorkeler's Dream

Our journey began in Moalboal, a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Famous for its sardine run, Moalboal did not disappoint. Snorkeling in Moalboal is incredibly accessible.  Just off the shore of Panagsama Beach, we plunged into the crystal-clear waters and were immediately surrounded by massive schools of sardines, creating a mesmerizing underwater spectacle.  It's a surreal experience to be surrounded by such a massive, moving school of fish, feeling their collective energy as they dart and swirl around us.  The area is also home to a variety of other fish species, making it a vibrant and bustling underwater ecosystem.    

Another highlight of our time in Moalboal was swimming with sea turtles. These majestic creatures glided gracefully through the water, and we had the rare opportunity to observe them up close in their natural habitat. It was a truly magical experience, one that left us in awe of the marine biodiversity in Moalboal.

Oslob: An Encounter with Whale Sharks

Our next stop was Oslob, where we had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with whale sharks. Rising before dawn, we made our way to the site and watched the sunrise over the ocean, a beautiful prelude to the day ahead. As we entered the water, we were greeted by several whale sharks, their sheer size and gentle nature leaving us breathless. Swimming alongside these magnificent giants was a surreal experience, one that I will cherish forever.

Sumilon Island: A Pristine Sandbar

Still craving more of the sea, we embarked on a boat trip to Sumilon Island the following day. The island is renowned for its stunning sandbar, a strip of pure white sand surrounded by turquoise waters. The pristine water was incredibly inviting, and the panoramic views of the island were nothing short of spectacular. We spent the day basking in the sun, swimming in the clear waters, and marveling at the natural beauty around us.

Kawasan Falls: Nature's Oasis

No trip to Cebu would be complete without exploring its famous waterfalls. Kawasan Falls, with its multi-tiered cascades and vibrant blue pools, was a sight to behold. We trekked through lush forests to reach the falls, and the refreshing swim in the cool waters was the perfect reward for our efforts. The serene ambiance and picturesque scenery made Kawasan Falls a highlight of our trip.

Rich History and Culture

Cebu is not only about its natural wonders; it is also steeped in history and culture. We visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Lindogon in Sibonga, a place that made me feel as though I had stepped into a European capital. The architecture and serene surroundings were awe-inspiring, providing a moment of reflection and peace.

We also made sure to visit the historic Cross of Magellan, a symbol of Cebu's rich history and the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines. The cross stands as a reminder of the island's significant role in the country's past.

A Visit to the Taoist Temple.  Our cultural exploration concluded with a visit to the Taoist Temple in Cebu City. The temple, perched on a hillside, offered panoramic views of the city and the sea beyond. The intricate architecture and peaceful gardens provided a serene escape from the bustling city below.

Cebu is a destination that offers the best of both worlds: breathtaking natural landscapes and a deep cultural heritage. From the underwater wonders of Moalboal and Oslob to the tranquil beauty of Sumilon Island and Kawasan Falls, every moment of our trip was filled with awe and wonder. Coupled with its rich history and cultural landmarks, Cebu proved to be a truly unforgettable adventure.


Our adventure began with a flight into Cebu City, the bustling gateway to the central Philippines. Cebu, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, offered a brief yet intriguing glimpse into the heart of the Visayas. However, the true essence of our journey lay beyond this urban sprawl, in the scenic and diverse landscapes of Bohol.

The following morning, we eagerly embarked on a water jet bound for Tagbilaran, Bohol. The journey across the sparkling waters of the Cebu Strait was a prelude to the natural beauty that awaited us. Tagbilaran, a charming city, served as our launchpad for exploring the wonders of Bohol.

With a packed itinerary, we set out to discover Bohol’s most renowned attractions in a single day. Our first stop was the iconic Chocolate Hills. These unique geological formations, resembling giant chocolate mounds, left us in awe. Spanning over 50 square kilometers, the hills turn a lush green during the rainy season, transforming to a chocolate brown in the dry months, hence their name. 

Next, we ventured to the Tarsier Sanctuary. The Philippine tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates, captivated us with its large, expressive eyes and tiny, delicate frame. Although tarsiers once roamed more extensively, they are now found only in a few locations in Maritime Southeast Asia, with Bohol being one of their primary habitats in the Philippines. Observing these nocturnal creatures in their natural habitat was both enlightening and humbling.

A Culinary Delight on the Loboc River

The highlight of our day was undoubtedly the lunch cruise on the Loboc River. Boarding the famous floating restaurant, we were treated to a feast of delectable Filipino cuisine while gliding along the serene river. The lush greenery on either side of the river, combined with the soothing melodies performed by local musicians, created an enchanting atmosphere. It was an unforgettable experience, blending culinary delight with natural beauty.

Our whirlwind tour of Bohol was a testament to the island's rich offerings – from natural wonders to unique wildlife and delightful culinary experiences. Each stop on our journey offered a different facet of Bohol’s charm, making for a day filled with discovery and wonder.


Under the Bridge

Sunrise in Cebu

Sardine Run in Moaboal

Sea Turtle in Moalboal

Sunrise in Oslob
Whale Shark in Oslob


Delicious spread at the Floating Resto
Ati Tribe in Bohol

Loboc River

NOTE:  All photos by the author


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