Norway: Sognefjord & Nærøyfjord

I came to Norway for the fjord land and boy it did not disappoint. I went through Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest fjord and its famous arm the Nærøyfjord, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has also been rated by the National Geographic Society as the world's number one natural heritage site along with the Geirangerfjord. I should have been disappointed because it rained when we were going through the fjords, but I'd guessed God perfected the art with the rain. The mist added drama to the most stunning scenery: the mountains along the fjords that rise to more than 5500 feet and the waterfalls that start from the clouds and plunge to emerald green water.  

The whole scenery begged to be stared upon; I took a few pictures and continued to video record the whole trip. The camera could not do justice to the unbelievably stunning scenery, and no words can describe what the whole experience of going through the fjords felt like but I'm still in awe. That said, I created a short video from the long footage to share God's masterpiece.  

Press play and enjoy the journey.  If it takes longer to load, click on the Youtube link:



All photos and video by the author



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