Inside the Walls of Dubrovnik

Aside from being charmed by Dubrovnik scenic landscape, the fairy-tale like atmosphere, seaside views and rich history through its architecture and museums, we had a chance to experience the Dubrovnik Food Festival. We did not plan for this trip to coincide with the Food Festival, so the foodie scene was a very pleasant surprise. It's said that the Dubrovnik Food Festival is a yearly event that occurs the last days of October when the tourist season is winding down. Before closing for the winter season, dozens of quality chefs from famous restaurants and hotels prepare food from small bites to gourmet offerings for a small fee (30 Kunas, equivalent of $5.50) and work with event organizer to use the money for charity. So it was the perfect way to indulge in the city’s greatest restaurants for a small amount. In addition to tasting our way of sampling the local food, the festival featured music and traditional pageantry (for lack of a better word). The pageantry and announcement, in the local language, were long that it took a while for them to open up the food alley. It was a good thing that we walked the mile-long walls early that morning. It was a good way to work out an appetite.
The local crowd started to gather while we were up walking the walls

With the crowd and the long food alley, it was almost impossible to sample every delightful nibble, but I had a chance of sampling Dalmatian food: Beef covered in cooked blood and vegetables.


NOTE:  All photos by the author



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