Where in the World is Alice

I'm currently in Kathmandu and just had a once-in-a-lifetime experience on board Buddha Air flying over the highest mountain in the world: Mount Everest or Sagarmatha or Holy Mountain.  Five days ago I tried to take a flight over Mt Everest, but all flights to the mountains got cancelled.  I tried again today and my persistent paid off.  It was a freaking amazing experience.  The best birthday gift to myself.

 Photo by the author
 Video to follow


  1. Glad you arrived safely we are back in Boston disheartened by the news of the earthquake and the thought of beautiful Nepal in distress and devastation.Looking forward to reading all your posts as you are an incredible writer and truly capture the spirit of travel and exploration. Keep in touch Jayne

  2. Glad to hear from you Jayne. I sent you an email but it bounced back. I also responded to Pamela's group email and saw your email address rejected.


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