NEPAL: Thoughts and Prayers For Those Affected by the Earthquake

My heart breaks as I see the news of the devastation and the aftermath of the earthquake.  It's surreal to think that the same area we strolled through only a few days ago now in rubble. I'm disheartened to see the irreplaceable damage to the temples and monuments designated as World Heritage sites, and the beautiful homes with balconies made of wood carvings that we came to admire have been damaged or leveled off.

I met so many warm and nice people in Nepal - from the airport security, the staff at the resort in Chitwan and the hotel in Kathmandu to our guides - who went out of their way to make our stay in Nepal unforgettable. I hope that none of them have been injured.  My prayers and special thanks to S who accompanied us to the airport for the flight to Mt. Everest and who made things happen when I told him that I wanted to shoot a live action of the birds flying over the temples.  (see the guy feeding the pigeons)

It's devastating to think about those who lost their lives and the survivors who have to deal with the aftermath.  And to think of how so many people who seemed to be living day to day, now have even less. My family's donation is forthcoming and I encourage others to donate as well.

NOTE:  Video and all photos by the author


  1. Alice,
    Your words are well spoken, and your blog has truly caputured the beauty and spirit of this wonderful place. we can only hope and pray that Nepal will again shine with the light of its people after this tragedy. jayne G.


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