An Introspection: From Dead Sea to Shining Sea

The last four years of my life sounded like the female version of Tim McGraw’s song “Live like You Were Dying” (you can google the lyrics) with a slight variation in that I went traveling. And it was during those travels where I went mountain climbing, hiking, sailing,scuba diving, zip lining, ballooning and did things that I would not ordinarily do. In fact, this whole blog started with the theme:  1000 Places to See Before I Die. I took a trip after trip after trip, after trip, and in the age of extreme travel, I pushed on against greater obstacles. Take my kayaking trip (previous blog), for example, I pushed on to paddle more than five miles despite the sore back. In short, I went too fast that I felt I had to take a vacation from vacation. There still are many travel plans in the year ahead that include cities, mountains (the Himalayas), oceans and nature in general. However, a recent R&R trip to an island getaway opened my eyes, at least, in terms of traveling style. I will focus more on slower travel, not driven to see sights everyday and do things to check off my bucket list.   It was a wonderful feeling to have this view, breathe the air and to see even the sky that’s full of clouds for its amazing beauty.

Here’s a video I put together from photos and videos from previous to most recent trips to remind me what I actually want out of travels and life. I'm not trying to push a religious message, I just set the video to a church song that I happened to like.

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Philippines: Exploring the Wonders of Central Visayas

Philippines: Bicol Region, A Gift of Nature

Sedona, Arizona