Trails Challenge 2014 Diary: Marin Headlands Revisited

Date:  03-24-2014
Distance Completed:  Not Far
Hiking Condition:  Excellent
Distraction from Hiking:  Sea Foam

Today, I decided to revisit the hike I did a week ago, along the edge of the Marin Headlands Coastal Trail where the cliffs tumbled down into the Pacific Ocean. But instead of turning right from Rodeo Beach, I turned left and hiked a steep climb towards Battery Wallace. Few minutes later, I was close to a jutting promontory where cormorants abound. The scenery was insanely beautiful that I did not get that far. Of course, there was the view of Rodeo Beach in living color. I had posted pictures of Marine Headlands in my previous blogs, but I saw something amazing that I have not seen before - sea foam. The wind carried the sea foam into the air to form a spectacular display of bubbles. I felt like a kid seeing something magical for the first time, it gave me pure joy. I went back to my car to get my big camera, but that phenomena did not happen again. All I was able to capture was the sea foam below the cliff.


Everything on the earth bristled, the bramble
pricked and the green thread
nibbled away, the petal fell, falling
until the only flower was the falling itself.
Water is another matter,
has no direction but its own bright grace,
runs through all imaginable colors,
takes limpid lessons
from stone,
and in those functionings plays out
the unrealized ambitions of the foam.
                                ----Pablo Neruda

NOTE:  All photos by the author



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