Northern California Drought, Part 2: VBlog

Napa Valley

My sister was waiting up for me in front of her house overlooking a century old tree when I returned from taking pictures.

”You should have done your photo shoot last November when the countryside was bursting with fall colors,” said my sister with a big smile on her face, perhaps, from recollecting how beautiful the scenery looked last autumn.

I, too, remembered the landscape last fall: the green hillside contrasted with a riot of gold, orange and brown vineyards. However, the summer and fall colors of the Napa Valley were not exactly what I wanted to blog or write about, neither had I the intention of writing a blog about Napa. The Napa Valley has had more than its share of travel write-ups that I never thought I could write something that had not been written already. Besides, my family had spent so many “Thanksgiving Dinners” in Napa that it’s like a second home than a travel destination to me.

On a recent visit, though, I brought my big camera to capture and document the impact of the drought on the wine country. In the process of my playing a journalist, I saw the valley from a different light, I started noticing the sky and the sunset that highlight the bare branches of trees; the simple beauty that I take for granted at this time of year.

I created a video blog that I set to "Likely Story", a song written by Dr. D (Dave Rogers) and performed by Random Love. If you can't see the video, click on the link to watch it on YouTube



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