So You're Going to Brazil

If you are an American citizen, you are required to obtain a visa to go to Brazil. If you’re not an American citizen, check their website (link below) to see if your country is exempted. Trying to obtain a Brazilian Visa are a time-consuming and a stressful process if you don’t plan ahead.
  • You have to schedule an appointment and fill-out a visa application online, and you can only book your appointment online.
  • It’s expensive ($160.00 if you go to the consulate office, $180 if you’re going to have somebody else drop the application). You can go to an agency, but they'll charge you additional fees, plus you have to do the legwork (filling out the application and scheduling on-line) yourself.
If you are a tourist leaving for Brazil in a week and you have not obtained your visa, tough luck! The Consulate General of Brazil in San Francisco does not process the same day visa; there's no such thing as 'emergency visa'.  So before I get you all hyped-up, watch this beautiful video and give this chill music a listen.

What's the relevance of this beautiful video to this write-up? Well, not much, except that it's chill music and the singer, Cibelle, who gives a stunning cover of Tom Waits' "GREEN GRASS" is from Brazil. And as the song goes, "And if the sky falls, mark my words, we'll catch mocking birds."

For iPhone and iPad users: If you can't see the video above, click HERE to watch it on YouTube

Here are the steps for obtaining your visa:

Gather requirements/documentation: Give detailed information in order to reduce the processing time of your request.

1. Current Passport
Must submit your current passport. Your visa will be stamped into a blank page in your passport, so the original passport is required, and must be valid for at least six months past the date of entry into Brazil.

2. Photo Requirement
Must submit two passport style photographs. (Follow the very specific photo requirements from the website)

3. Proof of Travel
Must submit an itinerary from a travel agency or online booking company showing departure from the US, and arrival and departure from Brazil. [In filling out the application you will need an address in Brazil

4. Proof of Residency.
Driver License or State issued ID.

5. Visa Fee
$160.00 if you apply in person, $180.00 if you do not apply in person. The visa fee must be paid with U.S. Post Service Money Order made out to the Consulate General of Brazil (Cash, cards and non-USPS money orders are not accepted).

Make Appointment:
You need a Visa Application Form per applicant, completely filled out online, dated and signed by the passport holder or his/her parents/guardians. The application form is found You will click on the link that best matches the purpose of your trip to Brazil for specific visa instructions and procedures. (You will get a security warning to disregard the error message about the website’s security certificate: as the new ICP-Brazil channel is not yet automatically recognized by international browsers).

You will need to print only the receipt page, with the bar code, where you will affix the picture and the signature.

At the Consulate:
Bring or send the duly completed and signed form, the original documentation, passport and proof of payment to the consulate. The consular agent will tell you the date and time your passport w/visa will be returned and will hand you a receipt. ( Processing time takes about seven days.)

Pickup Passport/Visa:
On the specific date, anyone can pick up the passport w/visa on your behalf, provided that the person has the original receipt and a letter authorizing the person to pick up the passport.




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