Devastated Islands In URGENT Need of Food, Drinking Water and Medicines

Coron, Palawan, Philippines (background image on this blog - a top destination for scuba divers for its coral and WWII shipwrecks) the place I visited last year was the last island hit by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Although the devastation is not as bad as in Tacloban City, Coron is left with no electricity, no water and food supply.  The typhoon victims are in urgent need of food, drinking water; medicines (antibiotics, medicines for cough, fever), mosquito nets, blankets, clothes. As an average person, I could not do anything to help but watch the news and give to humanitarian agencies and charitable organizations that have immediate access to the devastated areas.  

Also, this calamity begs the question: Is climate change to blame for superstorm like Haiyan that hit the Philippines? We don’t know. To gain some perspective, I went to read on Climate Change from the National Academy of Science website. Here's the link:



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