Photo Essay: The Exotic Flowers

1.  The Sensuous Bromeliad - Aguas Calientes, Peru
I'm not quite sure whether this flower belongs to the pineapple or Heliconia plant. What's amazing about this picture is the rich nectar that gives it a very sensuous look.
Rich Nectar (Photo by the author)

2. The Mysterious Heliconias - The Peruvian Amazon
"Don't be misled by our appearance.  We are not flowers, but colorful leaves."
The Most Colorful Leaves (Photo by the author)

3. The Snaky Ginger Flower - Puntarenas, Costa Rica
I took this picture from a Costa Rican National Rainforest Reserve where flora and fauna co-exist. I walked through the park and saw many brightly colored tropical flowers - heliconias, ferns, cacti, gingers and bromeliads. After walking through the Serpentarium, everything seemed to take on the shape of a snake even this ginger flower.
Snake Flower (Photo by the author)

4. The Epicurean Cactus - Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Different colors and layers in this flower; It begs the question "What am I? a flower, a seed or a fruit?"
Petally Orange, Seedy Brown and Violet Blue (Photo by the author)

5. Simply Orange - Masacrot Spring, Sorsogon, Philippines
This is another variety of a Heliconia. The orange color adds a different layer to the 'cool' colors of the spring pool that reflected the blue sky.  
Heliconia by the Spring Pool

6. The Forbidden Jade - Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon, Philippines
Jade Flower is native to Bulusan Lake.  And it's prohibited to pick the flowers, but someone (not me) picked it anyway.
Picking Up After Somebody's Mess (Photo by the author)

7. The Spiritual Lotus - Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
This picture reminds me that a thing of beauty doesn't last forever.  Au contraire to Keats "A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever". 
The Three Stages of Life (Photo by the author)

8. The Luscious Fuschia/Erythrina - Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
Lush Lush Lush!  A reminder to live life with gusto and live with abundance. Erythrina tree that blooms in yellow or coral is very common in Thailand. It appears that this plant is of an Erythrina variety, but blooms in fuchsia color. Since the flower looks like fuchsia, I'm calling it a Fuschia/Erythrina.
Mistaken for Orchids (Photo by the author)

9. The Friendly Plumeria and the Perfect Water Lily - Bali, Indonesia
The sick plumeria flower fell off the tree and caught by the beautiful and perfect lily. It has been said that a great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' come together, but it's when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

Imperfect Couple (Photo by the author)

10. Delicate Hibiscus - Kauai, Hawaii
The 'aloha' or state flower of Hawaii.  I like that "aloha" has a double meaning, because I never want to say goodbye.  Instead of saying goodbye, I'd rather say "Hello to a new adventure."
The Aloha Flower (Photo by the author)



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