I frequented the beaches of Carmel, Monterey, Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz off Highway 1,  but never took much photos.  After seeing pictures of Santa Cruz posted by a family member in Facebook, I realized the beauty of the landscape.   So during my recent visit I took some pictures and videos.

 First is the video of Natural Bridge Beach.  Natural Bridge has a lookout point that offers incredible views out towards the Pacific Ocean and to see seabirds, seals and otters frolicking in the water. Further down the beach are tidepools that offer a glimpse of life beneath the sea.   It's a great place to catch the waves (boogie board), fly a kite and enjoy a beautiful scenery.


Video of Natural Bridge Beach

The second video is a video of Twin Bridges Beach.  Twin Bridges Beach has expansive play area.  A great place to play in the sand, play volleyball, Frisbee, fly a kite and to watch the boats come and go from the harbor, and a nice view of the lighthouse.
                                                        Video of Twin Bridges State Beach



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