Morocco: Fun in the Sahara Desert

Anyone following my blog may have noticed that I've posted many photos since the beginning of 2014.  Yes, I have taken an interest in photography.  And one of my aspirations for 2015 was to travel to Morocco and take pictures of the Sahara Desert on the edge of Erg Chebbi.   The wide set of golden, salmon and reddish sand dunes that reach up to 1150 feet is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular landscapes in Morocco, if not the world.  Most people go there to take a camel ride into the dunes and get a taste of nomadic life (a short stop for tea with the Berbers).   Well, to make the pictorial more dramatic, I rode the camel into the dunes at sunset.

When I posted some photos on Facebook about how much fun I was having at the Sahara Desert, someone responded with some negative comments and ragged about the climatic history of the Sahara that are challenging assumptions about the global climate tipping points.  Well, I did not go to Morocco to do some scientific research, far from it. Heck yeah!  I did what I set out to do and took plenty of pictures and then some.  Riding the camel into the sunset may not be that spectacular, but frolicking in the sand dunes was most fun.  As they say, “Living life is the best revenge”.

That said I’d like to share some fun videos.  They’re very short videos, so don’t be afraid to click.
Fun in the Sahara, Part 1 - Click on the thumbnail below or Or click  HERE  to watch it on You Tube

Fun in the Sahara, Part 2 - Click on the thumbnail below or click  HERE to watch it on You Tube

 Click HERE to watch the pictorial video on You Tube.

NOTE:  All photos and videos by the author



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